Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend™

Inspired by our passion for sea turtle conservation, our founder Lowell Grosse masterfully crafted this premium organic coffee blend, which seamlessly combines high-quality coffee beans from the regions of Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia to offer a harmoniously balanced and aromatic profile.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend with logo mug and plush turtle


Founded in 2005 by Lowell Grosse, Charleston Coffee Roasters has deep roots in the local community. While residing in Charleston and enjoying its beaches, Lowell’s passion for sea turtle conservation led to the inspiration behind our distinctive “turtle bean” logo and a valuable partnership with the South Carolina Aquarium.

As the lead sponsor of the Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium, we not only impact the well-being of the Aquarium’s permanent residents, but also contribute to the treatment and rehabilitation of ailing sea turtles. Your support of Charleston Coffee Roasters directly aids our mission to further the initiatives of the South Carolina Aquarium. Find out more about the conservation of sea turtles through our partnership with the South Carolina Aquarium here!

Loggerhead Sea Turtle


why save sea turtles?

Many sea turtle species are endangered, and in addition, preserving the sea turtle population is vital for many reasons. Sea turtles impact biodiversity, our ecosystem health, both cultural and economic value, current and future scientific research, tourism in our coastal communities, carbon sequestration, genetic diversity, preventing extinction, and most importantly, improving healthy oceans and ecosystems for future generations.

Sea Turtles being released back into the ocean after being rehabilitated at the South Carolina Aquarium

about Loggerhead sea turtle blend coffee

Our founder, Lowell Grosse, expertly crafted this unique blend with his roasting team using beans from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Our master roasters then employ a slow-roasting technique to enhance the distinct flavors of this blend, resulting in a medium roast profile that brings forward a well-balanced body with delightful notes of chocolate and caramel.

Dedicated to upholding our quality standards and meticulously crafted taste profiles, Lowell and our roasters conduct daily “cupping” sessions. Just like master chefs, we’ve artfully combined these coffees to present you with this exceptional Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend™ for you to discover and enjoy.

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