Aquarium Blend

Inspired by the conservation efforts of the South Carolina Aquarium, we have created the lively new Aquarium Blend coffee. This well-balanced coffee combines Peruvian and Honduran beans for a smooth finish and subtle sweetness that will have you coming back for another sip.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Aquarium Blend Fish Tank South Carolina Aquarium


Earlier in 2022, we shared an announcement with you that Charleston Coffee Roasters would be the lead sponsor of the  Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium. We are thrilled that our products help fund top nutritional care to the more than 5,000 animals that reside at the Aquarium as well as the treatment of sick and injured sea turtles undergoing rehabilitation in the South Carolina Sea Turtle Care Center™.

In celebration of our partnership with the Aquarium and their conservation efforts, we are delighted to introduce Aquarium Blend. 

Animal care is chief among the components of the Aquarium’s mission, and the support from Charleston Coffee Roasters for the Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium will secure recurring, reliable funding for this work for the next several years.

“The South Carolina Aquarium provides a uniquely Charleston experience to friends and families, prompting them to return again and again. It was our sincere desire to craft a special coffee blend that would provide that same sensory experience for coffee lovers while also supporting a great institution,”

– Lowell Grosse, Founder and President of Charleston Coffee Roasters


Charleston Coffee Roasters Aquarium Blend Sea Turtle Rescue Center


This medium roast blend combines Peruvian and Honduran beans to make this lively, well-balanced coffee somewhat sweet and citrusy.

Our Peruvian coffee is particularly pure and aromatic with subtle nut and citrus tones while our Honduran coffee is shade grown and offers notes of citrus and caramel. Once these two are blended, we roast them to a medium profile to keep the coffee light-bodied and creamy, while drawing out the best flavor tones of each.  This blend has a smooth finish and sweetness, with no traces of bitterness.



Roasting has begun so you can order now and celebrate our special partnership with the South Carolina Aquarium with every sip! The Aquarium Blend will be available exclusively online as well as at the South Carolina Aquarium gift shop.

And like our other coffees, we don’t start roasting until you order. Aquarium Blend is available in your choice of either Whole Bean or Ground. Enjoy our newest coffee in a 12-ounce bag, in a gift box with two bags or in a gift box alongside our signature logo mug.

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