Breakfast Blend: A Year-Round Favorite

A lot of people agree, the best way to start the day is with a hot cup of coffee! And our Breakfast Blend coffee is the perfect way to wake up each morning. This custom blend of beans, selected from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance, is one of our best sellers – both online and at our retailer locations.  Once you taste it, you’ll understand. Our Breakfast Blend is crisp and bright and there is no better way to begin your day.


The Charleston Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend is one of our unique signature blends. That means that we blend beans from different places and farms to create something truly special (learn more about coffee blends here). Just like a master chef, our roasters are finely tuned to the subtle differences in the beans that we source from all over the world. They blend the different flavors to create new blends that are harmonious, balanced, and never bitter. Just like what you would want your mornings to be like!

With that in mind, we created our Breakfast Blend as a combination of beans certified from the Rainforest Alliance. We wanted it to be a crisp coffee with refreshing citrus notes, an energizing blend to wake up to.  We roast the coffee beans in our Breakfast Blend to a medium roast. All of these beans blended together result in a full-bodied cup that is smooth and flavorful, but never bitter.


Breakfast, of course! The bright flavor and medium roast makes this blend a complement to both sweet and savory breakfast choices. The Breakfast Blend is particularly delicious served with decadent breakfasts treats, like our Coffee Pecan Pie Bread Pudding and Coffee Cake Muffins. It’s also a great pairing with rich desserts like Creme Brûlée or Cheesecake.  The bright, citrus notes of the beans balance the rich flavors in these dishes.


But don’t forget about the savory side of breakfast with this coffee! There’s nothing better than a hot cup of our Breakfast Blend alongside a fluffy omelet, Quiche Lorraine or Biscuits with Ham and Red Eye Gravy.  We even used our Breakfast Blend coffee in the gravy itself.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Biscuits with Ham and Red Eye Gravy

But no matter how you enjoy this coffee, you will want to have a bag on hand all year round.


Our Breakfast Blend is available to order online, custom ground for you. At Charleston Coffee Roasters, we ‘Roast to Order’ which means your coffee is roasted on the day your order it. And once it’s roasted, it’s ground per your instructions. A coarse grind is perfect for a French Press, medium works great for a drip coffee machine and a fine grind is great for espresso. We can also leave it whole bean if you prefer to grind it at home for the freshest cup possible.

Don’t want to wait? You can purchase at any or our retailer locations as well. We are in stores across the country and growing everyday.  And if you are a Keurig user, our Breakfast Blend is also offered in single serve cups. You can purchase a single box or buy by the case. It’s great for AirBNB’s, offices and anytime you just need one cup!