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Explore the world of coffee with these one-of-a-kind, single origin coffees from specific micro lots.

They’re in limited supply, so try them today and discover their unique taste profiles.

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Charleston Coffee Roasters


With its history, beaches and relaxed attitude, Charleston is all about savoring every moment in life. At Charleston Coffee Roasters, we work to create coffees that are worthy of representing this amazing city. We curate the best beans from across the world, then bring them to Charleston, where our master roasters slow roast them to coax out their intrinsic flavor. The result is an experience as unique as Charleston itself.

Charleston Organic

Medium roast. Smooth, bright and welcoming.

Kiawah organic Blend

Dark Roast. Full bodied and complex.

Breakfast Blend

Medium Roast. Bright and citrusy.

Organic Sumatra

Bold roast. Full, rich and invitingly smooth.

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Saving sea turtles, one bean at a time

We’re proud to be the lead sponsor of the Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium.

Our Favorite Places

We like to take our time in Charleston

Learn more about our home city, which is the inspiration behind our slow-roasted coffees.

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Featured Products

Charleston Coffee Roasters Micro Lot Series Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gedeb

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe gedeb

Micro Lot Series

Charleston Trio Sampler

3 Hometown Favorites

Charleston Coffee Roasters Micro Lot Series Rwandan Ibisi-Natural


Micro Lot Series

Taste of Charleston Variety Sample Pack

Charleston Sample Packs

A Taste of Five Blends

Take a Sip of Our New Micro Lot Coffees

Discover the taste of our natural Rwandan Ibisi-Mountain coffee and enjoy its fruit-forward flavor, with gentle sweetness in a medium roast.

Or try Ethiopian Yirgacheffe-Gedeb made with heirloom beans native to Ethiopia.  It’s a medium roast with notes of citrus, honey, and black tea.  

They’re in limited supply, so try them today!

The Charleston Coffee Roasters Story

Take a minute to learn more about our company’s history, our efforts in sustainable sourcing, and our dedication to small-batch slow roasting.

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