South Carolina Aquarium Partnership

It’s official – we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Charleston Coffee Roasters Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium. As the lead sponsor of this program, we’re helping to sustain the lives of the more than 5,000 animals under the South Carolina Aquarium’s care.

Nutrition is a top priority at the Aquarium, as its quality determines the resilience and longevity of the entire animal population residing there. More than 200 pounds of food are prepared daily for the Aquarium’s resident animals. The Aquarium’s animal care team carefully manages and monitors the nutrient uptake of each animal. This team works to ensure optimal health and well-being by providing a diet of high-quality, sustainably sourced nutrients in a combination of restaurant-quality food and, as appropriate, species-specific vitamins. Charleston Coffee Roasters’ support of animal nutrition will not only positively impact the lives of the Aquarium’s permanent residents, it will also support the treatment of sick and injured sea turtles undergoing rehabilitation in the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Care Center™.

South Carolina Aquarium Turtle Plaques

“The funding of our Nutritional Care Program adds powerful momentum to the Aquarium’s Animal Care Sustainers Fund, a multi-year campaign designed to deliver recurring resources for all of the animal care operations within our facility.”

– Courtenay Lewandowski, chief advancement officer at the South Carolina Aquarium.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Aquarium Blend with Sea Turtle Recovery Center

In 2005, Charleston Coffee Roasters was founded on the premise that a city like Charleston, South Carolina, deserves a coffee that reflects its originality, consideration for the environment and attention to quality. Just like the Aquarium, Charleston Coffee Roasters is committed to the conservation of the natural world. We put this commitment to action by purchasing coffee from growers who practice sustainable farming and encourage biodiversity, creating a positive economic impact on the communities where our coffee beans are sourced.

As a company, we have long supported the preservation of the sea turtle population, which is why our company logo is a loggerhead turtle made of coffee beans.  Animal care, including that of the sea turtles, is chief among the components of the Aquarium’s mission; and as the lead sponsor for the Nutritional Care Program, we are providing recurring, reliable funding for this work for the next several years.

Jo the sea turtle

To learn more about the partnership and the Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium, please join the South Carolina Aquarium during their weekly Facebook Virtual Visits. The link to their page is below.

South Carolina Aquarium Facebook Page Link 

It is our sincere pleasure to be the lead sponsor of the Nutritional Care Program. The Aquarium is a vital member of the Charleston community, and their professionalism and tireless commitment to protecting the environment and our precious sea turtles is world-renowned. Like Charleston Coffee Roasters, the Aquarium provides a uniquely Charleston experience to friends and families with every visit.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Founder Lowell Gross at the South Carolina Aquarium

For all South Carolina Aquarium media inquiries, contact Susan McLaughlin at (843) 579-8660 or [email protected].

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