Try Our Micro Lot Series and Take a Trip Around the World

Introducing our Micro Lot Series, a collection of small-batch, single-origin coffees cultivated in limited quantities on small farms in premium coffee-growing regions worldwide. These exclusive coffees come with unique stories we’re eager to share, and each is labeled with a specific lot number, ensuring full traceability back to its country, region, and producer.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Micro Lot Series Rwandan Ibisi Natural taste profile

Background on the BLENDS

Our founder, Lowell Grosse, drew upon his 17 years of experience in the coffee importing industry when he established Charleston Coffee Roasters in 2005. During his career, he nurtured relationships with coffee producers in coffee-growing regions spanning Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia, and beyond. Our dedicated team, under Lowell’s guidance, handpicks these exceptional coffees and conducts a slow roast for each Micro Lot, allowing you to savor the distinct flavors from around the globe.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Limited Edition Micro Lot Rwandan Ibisi-Natural


Explore IBISI-NATURAL CoFFEE from Rwanda

Our medium roast Ibisi-Natural coffee, known as Lot #22079D, hails from Ibisi Mountain in the southern region of Rwanda. This highly sought-after red bourbon varietal thrives at an elevation of 5,500 feet on Bernard Uwitje’s farm. The coffee undergoes a natural processing method, drying within the cherry on elevated beds for 10-14 days. This unique approach imparts a fruit-forward flavor profile complemented by a delightful sweetness. In collaboration with the Rwanda Trading Company, Bernard partnered with the Rwanda Trading Company to build his Ibisi Mountain washing station. Over the past decade, RTC’s investments in agribusiness training programs have led to an impressive 86% increase in farm revenue for producer partners. 

Explore this extraordinary Micro Lot coffee sourced from Rwanda and experience a unique, naturally processed brew featuring delightful hints of raspberry, gentle nuances of light brown sugar, and subtle traces of cocoa nibs!

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