Tanzanian Peaberry Roast

One of our most popular roasts is our single origin Tanzanian Peaberry. With bright orange and lemon citrus notes, this medium roast coffee is perfect for sipping every day. Even though it is one of our lighter bodied coffees, it still delivers big taste and a smooth finish. Read on to learn more about how we source these unique peaberry beans and tasting notes from the roasting process.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Peaberry Beans


Our Tanzanian Peaberry beans are sourced by the Balzac Brothers, our neighbors here in Charleston who have been importing coffee for over 100 years. These special beans are grown on the southern slopes of the extinct volcano Mount Kilimanjaro by the Mount Kilimanjaro Plantation. The volcanic soil, shade trees, glacier-fed rivers, and unique micro-climate of the area provide the ideal growing conditions for exceptional coffees. This washed coffee is grown at 2000-2500 meters above sea level.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Mt Kilimanjaro

The Mount Kilimanjaro Plantation is one of the largest, but also one of the most modern plantations in Tanzania. Beans have been grown in this area since around 1890, and the current Mount Kilimanjaro Plantation has been in operation since around 2000.

Even though they are one of the largest growers in the area, they strive for environmental responsibility and have set standards that meet the requirements of UTZ certification. They also have a strong commitment to their employees, and offer benefits, scholarships, training, and support for community projects and improvements.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Mt Kilimanjaro Plantation

For our Tanzanian roast, we chose the peaberry beans. The term “peaberry” refers to the shape of these special beans. Coffee fruit typically carries two seeds which face each other. When extracted and properly dried, these are called coffee beans. On rare occasions (about 3 to 5% of the time) one of the two seeds aborts and the remaining one takes on a rounded peppercorn-like shape, called a peaberry. Peaberries can be sorted out and sold separately, often for a higher premium. They are not in themselves of higher quality than other beans.



The temperature of brewed coffee is important, as heat can mask imperfections. So we taste our coffees hot, warm and at room temperature. When we select a coffee to purchase, it needs to have a great taste when cooled. Many other coffees taste great hot, but at room temperature they may exhibit a sharp or harsh taste. We are proud that all of our coffees are smooth and flavorful at any temperature. Learn more about how we taste coffee here.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Cupping Coffee

Our Tanzanian Peaberry roast is what we consider a Medium Roast. This enhances the bright orange and lemon citrus notes in the beans. You might also taste a hint of cinnamon, light milk chocolate and stone fruit flavors. This particular roast is lighter in body, but that doesn’t mean that the coffee is light on flavor! These small peaberry beans produce a flavorful cup that we hope you will enjoy drinking every day.