Know Your Beans, Know Your Roast

Roasting is an art! Each type of coffee bean reaches its optimum flavor at a particular stage in the roasting process. The different size, shape, color and density of each type requires a specific application of heat and timing to unleash the full potential of a bean’s flavor.

Charleston Coffee Roasters - Know Your Beans, Know Your Roast

It’s the difference between a chef cooking your food and a machine cooking your food. A machine is going to repeat the same thing every time. Hand roasting by a master roaster emphasizes the individual characteristics unique to each coffee.

At Charleston Coffee Roasters, we use three roast categories to develop the perfect roast for each specific bean: medium, dark, and French. Beans are roasted at temperatures between 375 and 450 degrees to develop the flavor in the hard, raw green bean. We do this with exacting care; even the best beans in the world can be ruined, if they are over or under roasted.


Our medium roast is smooth and delicate but also has heartier overtones. We find many beans are most flavorful when roasted this way. We like medium roast coffees best without milk products.


We use a dark roast selectively. It is a medium to dark roast that results in a full-bodied (but never bitter) cup of coffee. It is an excellent roast for many blends, and exceptional single origins.


Our French roast coffees are usually a rich, dark brown. This roast creates a strong, complex and a bittersweet edge. Because dark French beans are roasted at a higher temperature, the aromatic oils within the bean are drawn to the surface of the bean where they caramelize and turn a deep, rich brown. Only a few coffees lend themselves well to this degree of roast, but when they do, it is a splendid effect.