Kiawah Organic Blend

Inspired by the beautiful barrier island of Kiawah, Kiawah Organic Blend is a Dark Roast coffee that is consistently one of our best sellers. With a rich, full-bodied flavor you will enjoy this coffee year-round.

Kiawah Organic Blend Charleston Coffee Roasters


The Charleston Coffee Roasters Kiawah Organic blend is one of our unique signature blends. It was developed around 9 years ago to meet a need for high-quality, bold roasted coffee.  Most dark roast coffee drinkers we talked to were not happy with the available selection. The coffees offered were from lesser quality beans and were over roasted. They sometimes tasted burnt, which left a harsh aftertaste.

We found that people were looking for a coffee that has a lot of body and offers complex characteristics without any bitter flavors.  Our goal was to blend a coffee with the big body and rich characteristics of a bold roast without any of the drawbacks. Thus, Kiawah Organic was created.

Our talented roasters take single-origin beans that can all handle a full, dark roast. Beans from Colombia, Mexico and Indonesia are roasted separately and then blended into something truly special (learn more about coffee blends here).  Our roasters taste each of the coffees individually, and then as a blend to be sure that you get a cup that is smooth and flavorful, each and every time.


Roasting Beans Kiawah Organic Blend Charleston Coffee Roasters

All of the coffees we use in our Kiawah Organic blend come from certified Organic farms.  Organic coffee beans are grown and processed according to a rigorous set of guidelines that are monitored at each stage by an independent certifying agency. Since coffee beans are one of the most sprayed commercial crops, we are committed to sourcing and roasting organic beans whenever and wherever we can. You can see USDA symbol displayed on the front of each and every bag of Kiawah Organic.


We taste all of our coffees hot, warm and at room temperature. High temperatures can mask imperfections in the coffee, and when they cool to room temperature can taste sharp or harsh. We want to ensure that every cup tastes great at any temperature.

Kiawah Organic Blend Charleston Coffee Roasters

The beans in our Kiawah Organic blend are roasted to a deep Dark Roast. The resulting taste profile has full body with milk chocolate overtones.  When you take your first sip you experience a full rich flavor.  The secondary taste is complex and flavorful.  The aftertaste is smooth and desert like.  This coffee became a fan favorite from the very beginning.

Many people have given up on dark roasts, disliking the bitter flavors of other brands.  So when they first come to the sampling table, they say that they prefer medium roasts.   But after trying Kiawah Organic, they prefer it to the medium roasts they are brewing at home!


Given the smooth flavor of this coffee, it will pair well with many different kinds of foods. Of course, it is a given at breakfast time, and would be good paired with rich, savory breakfast dishes. Try a cup of Kiawah Organic with a traditional Lowcountry breakfast like Shrimp and Grits or Ham Biscuits with Red-Eye Gravy.

Coffee and dessert are a natural pairing, and this roast is no exception. And with it’s chocolate overtones, Kiawah Organic coffee also makes a great addition to dessert recipes. Try it in our No-Bake Coffee Cheesecake recipe – ground and brewed coffee is incorporated into the cookie crust, infusing each bite with bold flavor.

Charleston Coffee Roasters No Bake Coffee Cheesecake - Served in Individual Glass Jars

Want a little treat to go with your afternoon cup? Spiced cookies, pecan pralines or a freshly baked Pain au Chocolat would all be delicious accompaniments.

Or you could simply enjoy Kiawah Organic blend on its own, anytime you want a rich, slow-roasted taste of the Lowcountry in your cup.


Our Kiawah Organic is available to order online, custom ground for you. At Charleston Coffee Roasters, we ‘Roast to Order’ which means your coffee is roasted on the day your order it. And once it’s roasted, it is ground per your instructions. A coarse grind is perfect for a French Press, medium works great for a drip coffee machine and a fine grind is great for espresso. We can also leave it whole bean if you prefer to grind it at home for the freshest cup possible.

Kiawah Organic Blend Charleston Coffee Roasters

Don’t want to wait? You can purchase at any or our retailer locations as well. We are in stores across the country and growing everyday.  And if you are a Keurig user, our Kiawah Organic is also offered in single serve cups and you can purchase a single box or buy by the case. Kiawah Organic is great for AirBNB’s, offices and anytime you just need one cup!