‘Tis the Season for Holiday Blend

Every year our team at Charleston Coffee Roasters is excited for the arrival of the holiday season and our Holiday Blend coffee! Of course we love all of the festivities, parties, and gifts of the season, which are all perfect opportunities to share our coffee with friends and family. But we especially look forward to the return of our Holiday Blend because we only roast this special organic coffee this time of year. It’s the perfect gift to give and receive!

Charleston Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend


The Charleston Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend is one of our unique signature blends. That means that we blend beans from different places and farms to create something truly special (learn more about coffee blends here). Just like a master chef, our roasters are finely tuned to the subtle differences in the beans that we source from all over the world. They blend the different flavors to create new blends that are harmonious, balanced, and never bitter. Just like what you would want your holidays to be like!

With that in mind, we created our Holiday Blend as a combination of our Mexican, Sumatra, and Colombian French Roast beans. We wanted it to be a rich full-bodied coffee with real deep chocolate notes to pair with the flavors of the season. All of the coffees we use in our Holiday Blend come from certified Organic farms. Not sure what that means? Be sure to read about how to decode coffee labels.


We roast the coffee beans in our Holiday Blend to a rich and bold Dark Roast. The Mexican beans lend their nuttiness and a touch of sweet caramel notes to the coffee. Add to that the Sumatran beans, which contribute their complex smooth and creamy flavors that resonate of chocolate. Finally, we blend in our Colombian French Roast beans with their rich and smoky undertones that also have hints of chocolate. All of these beans blended together result in a full-bodied cup that is smooth and flavorful, but never bitter.


Given the hints of chocolate and caramel in the Holiday Blend, it would be a natural complement to the sweets of the holiday season. Chocolate desserts and candies would be a natural pairing, such as with these brownies topped with a coffee chocolate sauce.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend - Coffee Chocolate Brownies


But you should also try it with the warm spices of the season, preferably curled up by a cozy fire. We brewed it with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice to create a Gingerbread Latte. You could also add a touch of sweetness by combining it with some fresh homemade eggnog for good cheer.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend - Gingerbread Latte


And don’t forget about holiday brunch! Our Holiday Blend would be a delicious addition when served alongside a spiced ham, French toast casserole, or sausage stuffed biscuits and gravy.

But no matter how you enjoy this coffee, you will be reminded of what makes this time of year so special. We wish all of our family and friends a very Happy Holiday!