The Story Behind the Sea Turtle Logo

Every summer on the beaches of South Carolina, the home of Charleston Coffee Roasters, the loggerhead turtles return to nest year after year. It is a much-loved tradition, with scores of volunteers walking the beaches morning and night searching for nests of turtle eggs. Once a nest is found, it is secured so that they can be watched over and protected as a threatened and endangered species.

When it comes time for the turtles to hatch, there is nothing quite like it! If you are fortunate enough to watch this miracle, it is an awe-inspiring moment. In the words of our President, Lowell Grosse:

“Late one summer night, I watched a turtle nest “boil” and hundreds of hatchlings scramble for the sea under a full moon and Mary Pringle’s watchful eye. Since that magical night, I have been totally committed to protecting our natural environment.  

Having the coffee bean turtle as our logo allows us to play a small role in helping to protect the loggerhead turtle .”

And this is why our logo utilizes a coffee bean that resembles the loggerhead turtle. We hope this logo will remind us all of the global importance of sustainability and concern for our natural environment. Our aim is to develop a company that follows sustainable practices.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Logo Mug at the beach

As a company, we support the efforts of other organizations that share this mission, such as the South Carolina Aquarium and their Sea Turtle Care Center. Through their dedication and hard work, they are ensuring that turtles have a future in our oceans.

Sea Turtle Care Center

We also help with numerous fundraisers and events throughout the year, in Charleston and beyond, for like-minded causes. You can read about our latest events and projects in Coffee Talk.

At Charleston Coffee Roasters, it is our sincere hope that we can make a difference in our environment and community, one cup at a time.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Logo made from coffee beans