The Raven Iced Coffee with Daysie Madagascar Vanilla Syrup

Introducing our Halloween Inspired Raven Iced Coffee Recipe Made with Daysie® Madagascar Vanilla Syrup

A spooktacular dark and delicious iced coffee drink. We’ve opted for a bit of hocus pocus with the addition of activated charcoal. No tricks, just treats – and garnished with candy corn! 

This Halloween inspired recipe starts with Charleston Coffee Roasters Organic Espresso Dark coffee (you can make a shot of espresso or brew the coffee any way you like) plus mocha almond milk and heavy cream. Then, you’ll need some food grade activated charcoal (find it on Amazon,, Whole Foods, etc.) to add some spooky-ness to the drink, plus some Daysie Madagascar Vanilla syrup. Daysie syrups are made with the simplest, purest ingredients and, just like our coffee, are made right here in Charleston.

To purchase the coffee and syrup, simply click here.

Share this recipe video with your friends and uncover just how easy it is to add some excitement to your October gatherings. No tricks, just treats! 

The Raven Iced Coffee Recipe

The Raven Iced Coffee Recipe