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Discover Tanzanian Peaberry and Save 25% Now

Found in less than 5% of coffees, peaberries come from a coffee cherry that produces only one, instead of 2 coffee beans. Because only one bean gets all the nutrients, they are full of flavor. The beans are small and round with a deliciously smooth and sweet taste.

Our Tanzanian Peaberry is grown near Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, where the micro-climate is perfect for coffee plantations. This coffee is highly concentrated with orange and lemon citrus notes and is lightly roasted with a slightly lighter body. So, start your day with the big taste that these small beans produce.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Fruit forward notes of lemon, blueberry, and blackberry and a peppery finish.

$14.75 Sale: $11.06


Intensely concentrated orange and lemon citrus notes with a lighter body.

$14.75 Sale: $11.06


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