Single Origin: Organic Sumatra

From the rich soils of Sumatra, our Organic Sumatra coffee is one of our most popular sellers.  With a full finish, smooth flavor and hints of chocolate, this coffee is perfect on its own without any milk or sugar needed. It’s a Bold Roast, and there is no bitterness so it’s a great one to try if you are new to dark roasts.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Organic Sumatra


The Organic Sumatra is one of our single origin coffees. Our talented roasters start with organic arabica beans from the Southeast Asian Island of Sumatra.  These beans are carefully monitored during the roasting process. This allows the complex flavors of this single origin coffee to emerge.

Sumatran beans are typically dark roasted to bring out their full bodies and low acidity. These unique characteristics are a result of wet-hulling. Wet-hulling is the most common processing method used by Sumatran farmers. Since the climate in this Indonesian island is so moist, the farmers dry the beans partially on site. The beans are then dried twice more after leaving the farm. This produces a rich, complex flavor and aroma in coffees from this area of the world.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Roasting Beans Sumatra

All of the beans we use in our Organic Sumatra coffee come from certified Organic farms. Since coffee beans are one of the most sprayed commercial crops, we are committed to sourcing and roasting organic beans whenever and wherever we can.


The beans in our Organic Sumatra coffee are roasted to a darker Bold Roast. This brings out the unique characteristics of the Organic Sumatra beans.

The Bold Roast of our Organic Sumatra beans bring out the almond and chocolate flavors developed during the wet-hulling process. The complexity of these beans can be enjoyed alone but is even more delicious paired with breakfast or dessert.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Organic Sumatra

We taste all of our coffees hot, warm and at room temperature. High temperatures can mask imperfections in the coffee, and when they cool to room temperature can taste sharp or harsh. We want to ensure that every cup tastes great at any temperature. We have even found that the bold flavor of this coffee makes an excellent iced coffee.


Given the bold flavor of this coffee, it pairs particularly well with rich and creamy foods. So of course, it is an ideal coffee to serve with dessert. Organic Sumatra is well-suited to be served with cheesecake, souffles and creme brûlée.

Chocolate and coffee are a natural combination, and the Organic Sumatra is one of the best choices when pairing with milk chocolate confections. Try serving this coffee alongside milk chocolate truffles, chocolate mousse or a slice of German Chocolate Cake.

Breakfast is also the perfect time to enjoy a cup of this bold roast. It’s a natural pairing to sweeter choices like French Toast, Waffles with Fresh Whipped Cream or Cinnamon Rolls glazed with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Or you could also enjoy our Organic Sumatra with your cheese plate – it’s a smooth finish to a meal served with a triple creme cheese, especially when drizzled with honey and served with toasted nuts.


*** Our Organic Sumatra coffee is available as whole bean or ground to your specifications.

You can also purchase it as single serve cups. ***