Organic Espresso Dark Roast

For quality espresso drinks at home, we recommend Organic Espresso Dark. And because we know that a lot of our customers choose organic when possible, we recently switched to organic beans for this smooth, bold roast.

Organic Espresso Dark Charleston Coffee Roasters


Beans from Central and South America make Organic Espresso Dark a rich, bold roast.  Through a rigorous cupping process, we selected these special organic beans as the perfect blend for making espresso at home. They produce a beautiful, thick crema that is the hallmark of great espresso.

However, this blend is equally delicious as a drip or pour-over coffee. Like all our coffees, you choose the grind when you check out. That way you enjoy the perfect cup no matter the brewing method. Organic Espresso Dark is a bold choice to wake up to first thing in the morning or to pair with rich desserts as an after-dinner espresso.

We know that drinking organically grown coffee is important to our customers. In order to get the seal on a product, the USDA has created strict guidelines for foods to be labeled as organic. With coffee this refers to how the coffee is grown as well as roasted and packaged.

Organic coffee beans are grown and processed according to a rigorous set of guidelines. These are monitored at each stage by an independent certifying agency. The guidelines specify the type of allowable inputs of organic fertilizers, integrated pest management, and other organic weed and fungus controls. Always look for the USDA symbol to be sure your product is organic.


For customers who want an espresso with a lighter flavor, we now offer Organic Espresso Medium Roast. This online exclusive is bright and balanced, using the same blend of beans as the Espresso Dark Roast. We simply roasted the beans to a medium level for a lighter cup.

With a bright profile, Organic Espresso Medium strikes a perfect balance of acidity and body. So it’s delicate, smooth flavor shines without the need for sugar or milk. The nuance and harmony of the beans make this a great cup to enjoy at the start of your day or as an afternoon pick-me-up.