Meet Jo the Sea Turtle

As part of our support and sponsorship of the South Carolina Aquarium, we’re honored to do our part in
protecting sea turtles here in our local waters. Jo, (can you guess who chose the name?) was caught on
a hook and line and was stranded on Hilton Head Island until arriving at the South Carolina Aquarium for care on
September 5th, 2022. Jo is a juvenile Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, weighing only 6.3 pounds upon arrival, and was described to be “spicy” and in good spirits by the Aquarium team. After a special procedure to remove the hook, Jo was placed in the Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery™ at the Aquarium until Jo was rehabilitated enough to be
released back into South Carolina waters.

The morning after the surgery, Jo was bright and alert and given a swim test before being moved into a tank.  Jo also received fluids and an anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce swelling from the hook trauma. Once in a tank, Jo began swimming and diving normally. Jo was then fasted for a few days to allow time for the throat and esophagus to heal before being offered food. In the interim, Jo received fluids to help keep hydrated and pain management drugs to ensure comfort.

By mid-October, Jo began eating like a champ and has been active. Jo has also finished the last round of antibiotic injections and is recovering further in the Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery™ at the South Carolina Aquarium. 

As of mid-January, Jo has been progressing nicely and achieving all rehabilitation benchmarks. Jo is eating well and gaining weight, which is great news on the journey to full recovery.

Jo the Sea Turtle is released after being rehabilitated at the South Carolina Aquarium

On February 9th, 2023, Jo was released into the warm blue waters off of Little Talbot Island State Park in Jacksonville, Florida.  Upon admission, Jo had a large hook in their esophagus that needed to be surgically removed, as well as a corneal ulcer in their left eye. Jo’s rehabilitation journey went very well and was closely followed by a growing group of fans celebrating alongside them with every milestone met.

Join us in wishing Jo well by sending get-well messages, photos, and videos on Instagram @charleston_coffee and @southcarolinaaquarium #JoTheSeaTurtle! To learn more visit

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To celebrate Jo, we’re offering a Jo the Plush Sea Turtle online, complete with Jo’s full story.

Jo the plush sea turtle

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