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loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend™


A well-balanced, organic blend of Mexican, Guatemalan, and Colombian coffees with notes of chocolate and caramel. 

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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend™ was developed to celebrate our passion for sea turtle conservation. This well-crafted, organic blend, created by our founder Lowell Grosse, is a well-balanced and aromatic coffee combining high quality coffee beans from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Enjoy this medium roast coffee first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick me up and try it as a pour over coffee, to allow its delicate flavors and aromas to come to life.  Its well-balanced body and bright taste are equally as inviting as a drip coffee or using a French press. You decide! If you like our Charleston Organic and Breakfast Blends, this new coffee is custom-made for you.

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dedicated to sea turtle preservation

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Our Turtle Bean Logo

Lowell Grosse founded Charleston Coffee Roasters in 2005. While he was raising his family here in Charleston, he spent many days on our local beaches and visiting the South Carolina Aquarium. Lowell was so passionate about sea turtle conservation that it inspired our loggerhead “turtle bean” logo and led us to develop a partnership with the South Carolina Aquarium. 

Charleston Coffee Roasters Logo made from coffee beans
Charleston Coffee Roasters Signature Logo Mug

Caring for Sea Turtles

As the lead sponsor of the Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium, we provide funding to positively impact the lives of the Aquarium’s permanent residents, as well as the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles. By supporting Charleston Coffee Roasters, you help our business support the efforts of the South Carolina Aquarium.

South Carolina Aquarium rescued turtles release

A Coffee inspired by sea turtles

Charleston Coffee Roasters Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend taste profile

Components of the Blend

Our founder, Lowell Grosse, created this special blend combining beans from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Our master roasters then slow roast these beans to create a medium roast profile to coax out the unique flavors of this blend so you can enjoy its well-balanced body and discover the hints of chocolate and caramel.

Charleston Coffee Roasters Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend 12 ounce bag
Charleston Coffee Roasters Roasting Facility

Daily Cupping to Ensure Quality

Lowell and our roasters “cup” our coffees each day to ensure that the coffee meets our quality standards and the coffee taste profiles we’ve crafted. Like master chefs, we’ve combined these coffees specifically to create this exceptional Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blend™ for you to discover and enjoy.

Charleston Coffee Roasters President Lowell Grosse, cupping


Female loggerhead sea turtle returning to the ocean


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