Charleston Organic Blend

Inspired by our hospitable hometown, our Charleston Organic blend is a Medium Roast coffee that is consistently one of our best sellers. With a smooth, bright and welcoming flavor, you will enjoy sipping this coffee on a sunlit porch every morning.

Charleston Coffee Roasters - Charleston Organic Blend - Bag with Ravenel Bridge


The Charleston Coffee Roasters Charleston Organic blend is one of our unique signature blends. Our talented roasters take the beans from several different regions, and then blend them into something truly special (learn more about coffee blends here). They taste each of the coffees individually, and then as a blend to be sure that you get a cup that is smooth and flavorful, but never bitter.

The Charleston Organic blend is a combination of beans from North, Central and South America. Individually, each of these coffees has exceptional flavor. But when we blend them, the individual flavors meld to create this unique roast.

Charleston Coffee Roasters - Charleston Organic Blend - Vintage Coffee Roasters

All of the coffees we use in our Charleston Organic blend come from certified Organic farms. Since coffee beans are one of the most sprayed commercial crops, we are committed to sourcing and roasting organic beans whenever and wherever we can.


We taste all of our coffees hot, warm and at room temperature. High temperatures can mask imperfections in the coffee, and when they cool to room temperature can taste sharp or harsh. We want to ensure that every cup tastes great at any temperature.

Charleston Coffee Roasters - Charleston Organic Blend - Bag and Cup

The beans in our Charleston Organic blend are roasted to a lighter Medium Roast. But just because it is a lighter roast, does not mean it is light on flavor! With lighter roasts, you will taste more of the bright lemony citrus notes. But you will also find some nuttiness as well, along with a touch of caramel sweetness and smooth smokiness in each sip.


Given the smooth flavor of this coffee, it will pair well with many different kinds of foods. Of course, it is a given at breakfast time, and would be good paired with breakfast dishes that aren’t too sweet. Try a cup of Charleston Organic with avocado toast, a citrus scone or a whole grain muffin.

Chocolate and coffee are a natural pairing, and this roast is no exception. Try pairing Charleston Organic with dark chocolate brownies, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing.

Want a little treat to go with your afternoon cup? A square of buttery shortbread, an oatmeal raisin cookie or lemon biscotti would be a sweet pairing too.

Or you could simply enjoy Charleston Organic blend on its own, anytime you want a taste of the welcoming hospitality of our city in your cup.