In the News: Charleston County Impact Award

During this year’s annual industry appreciation luncheon hosted by the Charleston County Economic Development Department (CCED), Charleston Coffee Roasters was honored to receive an Industry Impact Award for its positive impact in Charleston County. With 24 employees and growing, Charleston Coffee Roasters was recognized in the Small Business category for creating and sustaining job growth by investing $2.1M in capacity expansion, hiring disadvantage workers from the Charleston Disabilities Board, and partnering with the South Carolina Aquarium to aid and support the preservation of sea turtles and other wildlife in the Charleston region and beyond.


“The past few years at Charleston Coffee Roasters have been impressive to say the least. What you have accomplished on-site in terms of investment, employing all types of individuals, and fundraising for the sea turtles caught our attention.” – Jay Kramer, CCED Existing Industry Specialist


Charleston County Economic Development President Lowell Grosse accepts Award

President and Head Roaster Lowell Grosse (center) accepts the Industry Impact Award with Jay Kramer and Jennifer Brown of the Charleston County Economic Development Department.


Our President and Head Roaster, Lowell Grosse, accepted the award on behalf of Charleston Coffee Roasters during the February luncheon. Lowell started Charleston Coffee Roasters in 2005 with the goal of creating a coffee company that reflects the attention to quality, environmental advocacy, and originality of Charleston itself. We focus on craft roasting coffees that honor Charleston’s heritage — coffees that are timeless and classic in taste.

Along with our promise to consistently deliver coffees to be savored, Charleston Coffee Roasters also pledges to help the planet and local communities. Globally, we enthusiastically support sustainable farming practices with our growing partners; locally, we support the Nutritional Care Program at the South Carolina Aquarium as part of our ongoing effort to protect and preserve the sea turtles that call South Carolina home.

We appreciate the dedication of the Charleston County Economic Development Department for recruiting new business, growing existing industry, and improving the Charleston business climate. Charleston Coffee Roasters recognizes that the positive impact of existing industries is an important part of that mission, and we are proud to be recognized for our contributions to the community we call home.