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Organic Nicaragua - 1 Lb Medium Roast

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Nicaraguan coffees from Matagalpa have been underrated. In recent cupping competitions, they have regularly out performed many other balanced Central and South American high-grown coffees. The Matagalpa bean in particular is known for its incredible versatility, showing a wide range of deeply rich and flavorful results in anything from a light city roast to a dark Vienna roast. This medium roast of the bean is a tongue-cuddler; it’s soft, warm and wraps your tongue in the comforting tastes of childhood. The aroma has a sweet, syrupy quality with a hint of pecan shells and the delicious fruit/nut scent of lychee nuts. The taste presents initially with a gentle combination of dark chocolate and cherry liquor, brightened by a jot of torn lime peel and rolled into balance with hints of wild herbs and sweet mountain flowers.


Weight: 1 lbs.
Stock Number: orgnic

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